Our Vision

Moving Forward, Together

Our slogan for this campaign is based on our deep belief in

  • prioritizing marginalized students on campus to build a cohesive campus community and;
  • connecting ASG to the student body to ensure that our goals are student goals.

The past year has forced all of us to be incredibly resilient in the face of extremely harsh realities. We know that students holding marginalized identities were hit hardest by the crises we faced this year and there were times where ASG wasn’t in sync with the rest of campus. This platform seeks to address these two things: building communities of care for students who need it most and making ASG a true conduit for student concerns, as opposed to a place where they get boiled down and sanitized.

Know that this platform and the ideas in it are only a starting point for what we want to do in our administration. We know that student priorities will change and shift, and we will too.