Our Platform: At-a-Glance

Here are some of the initiatives and goals that we want to prioritize next year.

For our full platform document containing every platform point and our plan for each one, click here.

1. Supporting Advocacy on Northwestern’s Campus

We recognize that student activism has always yielded and will always yield more change to this campus than any other means. We want to ensure that activists on campus have the resources and support they need in order to express their beliefs and priorities to the administration. Some of the ways we plan on boosting student activism on campus include:

  • Supporting NUCNC and their work on campus
  • Creating an Organizing Grant
  • Advocating for Change in the Student Demonstration Policy

2. Supporting Marginalized Students on Campus

We commit to fighting alongside students and student organizations to eliminate the barriers facing marginalized communities. Northwestern boasts about admitting higher numbers of low-income and minority students, so let’s hold them accountable to supporting them by:

  • Holding administration accountable to their promise of an FGLI space
  • Work ensure the recommendations of the GQNBT task force are fulfilled
  • Advocating for the creation of a Native and Indigenous Land Scholarship

3. Improving Campus Life and Creating a Healthier Campus Culture

This section encompasses a variety of different goals that we have to make campus more accessible academically, physically, and mentally while also addressing a need to prioritize bringing joyful experiences to students at Northwestern. We will advocate for:

  • The return of the ice skating rink or a similar outdoor space
  • Establishing a unified housing rate for students on campus
  • Reforming CTECs to include questions on discrimination & biases

4. Creating Structures of Accountability at Northwestern

If we were to be elected one of our main goals would be keeping administrators accountable not just to ASG, but directly to students. Undergraduates are the heart and soul of Northwestern, and it is time some administrators act like it. Our main goal for this section is to delineate the ways that we want to make sure undergraduates are centered in university conversations.

  • Establish Young Alumni Seats on the Board of Trustees, with the goal of eventually establishing Undergraduate Student Seats
  • Requiring Public Timelines for all University Taskforces

5. Reforming ASG and Making it More Accessible to the Student Body

In the past few years, ASG has been functionally removed from much of campus life. If elected, we hope to work to rebuild trust between ASG and students by making our structures more accessible and doing more outreach to students. All of these reforms are relatively easy to implement as they are internal to ASG. Here are some of our initiatives and goals.

  • Opening Up Admin Meetings to students and student organizations
  • Requiring all senators and exec members to hold open office hours for students
  • Ensuring that ASG is intentional in connecting with orgs when creating initiatives and legislation

6. Continuing to Respond to Covid-19

Even though most students will hopefully be vaccinated by Fall, the issues that Covid brought up including the financial hardship and mental stress caused by the pandemic have not and will not go away. Next year we want to make sure to continue to address these concerns by:

  • Offering flexibility to students holding pre-existing conditions and those who choose not to return to campus
  • Advocating for transportation reimbursements for low-income students who have to travel to get the vaccine
  • Ensuring our Northwestern Staff and Dining Workers are taken care of